The crowd wanted the feel-good story for Elliott and felt Hamlin did him wrong.

If the 49ers want to turn things around, it’s going to take a quarterback other than Brian Hoyer or C.J. Beathard. Hoyer was benched for Beathard after completing 58 percent of his passes and throwing as many interceptions as touchdowns. Beathard hasn’t been much better, with five turnovers and a quarterback rating of 65.2 through three games, a number that’s even worse than Hoyer’s.

So we can make the shoes to exactly what we want. It’s a shoe similar to a Chuck Taylor, which is one of the most durable shoes of all time. There’s a guy on the ground. We gave him all the specifics we want. It’s the best way for us to get the kids on the shoes as soon as possible. We gave the money straight to the source, and the shoes are being made right away. What we say is what we’re going to do, and it’s getting done.

“That was our opportunity to punch our ticket to go to Homestead.”

As Busch celebrated, Elliott fumed and rammed into Hamlin on the cool-down lap. The two drivers got out of their cars and exchanged words before driving to pit road.

Derek Carr (11:50 a.m.): Weather will have some impact on Carr’s effectiveness in today’s game in Buffalo, but what could more than compensate for any windy or wet conditions is the absence of two Buffalo starters in the secondary — S Jordan Poyer and CB E.J. Gaines.

Dontrelle Inman (11:45 a.m.): The wide receiver, acquired by the Bears from the Chargers earlier this week, is not active for Chicago today. Give him a little more time to learn the team’s playbook, and perhaps he’ll produce going forward.

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