NFL QB Watch: Injuries anoint some unwanted starters in Week 8

Injuries are just a part of football. Unfortunately for Sam Bradford and Jay Cutler, they appear to be a significant part.
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Bradford was enjoying his best season as a pro — even if the Rams weren’t much better off for it — before tearing his ACL on Sunday and ending his season. Now he must make the long road to a full recovery and hope to be ready to begin the 2014 season as the starter for St. Louis.

But when and how will the Rams start to take measures to prepare for a future without Bradford?

Former NFL defensive end Stephen White opens up his Notebook from Week 7 in the NFL.

Game Chris Gragg Jersey Despite Bradford coming into the NFL with an injury history and missing six games in 2011, St. Louis opted not to draft Robert Griffin III in the 2012 draft. It would have been a bold move and there would have certainly been some hoops to jump through thanks to Bradford’s huge rookie contract, but when it comes to finding a franchise QB, sometimes you have to take some major risks.

Because if Bradford doesn’t work out and RGIII does, it’ll be hard to overlook that time when you could have had him and went with the wrong guy. With Bradford out for the rest of the year and the Rams at 3-4, they’re probably going to face a similar decision next April.

If the Rams find themselves with a top 10 pick and a possible franchise QB on the board, do they pass again, or do they finally give up on the idea of Bradford as a franchise player? The Chargers once did that with Drew Brees and ended up losing possibly one of the five best quarterbacks of all time. Countless other teams have done the opposite and wound up making the right move — even if it’s a difficult one to make.

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