This may be surprising because John Elway deservedly has gotten a lot of praise for the Broncos’ recent success.

My great Uncle Jack Goldstein was a Brooklyn kid who became a World War I Doughboy. His name appears on a plaque in the rotunda of the U.S. Post Office near the Garden on Eighth Avenue — saluting those who served the postal service before and, if alive and able, after the War to End All Wars.

He died long before Mike Francesa could reason that the 9/11 attacks should give the U.S. pause and cause to extract loyalty oaths from American Jews to learn their military allegiances.

But as a son of Brooklyn, Uncle Jack would counsel, “Live and loin.”

But he has been living on free agency. After nailing his first draft in 2011, Elway has a lot of swings and misses and has not landed many impact players.

Romanowski managed to get into altercations with just about everybody. He kicked Larry Centers in the head. He spat in J.J. Stokes’ face. He threw a football at Bryan Cox. He punched teammate Marcus Williams in the face and was later implicated in the BALCO scandal. Despite all that, he played on four Super Bowl-winning teams through a 16-year career.

That would be unconventional and it would be expensive. But Brady cannot play forever, and the exit of Brissett seems to commit the Patriots to Garoppolo as Brady’s eventual successor.

During Carton’s stay, dignified veteran Jim Gearhart was 101.5’s morning host. Last week on his podcast, available on YouTube, Gearhart shared his memories of Carton as a colleague he never even had met, yet who regularly attacked, ridiculed and defamed him on the air for cheap kicks and attention.

Gearhart’s podcast not only is worth hearing, it is worth noting that Carton’s act obviously appealed to WFAN/CBS, and that post-arrest, Carton complained about the “vitriolic” attacks he has suffered.

Despite an offense that continues to sputter its way through the preseason, Bradford remains a beacon of consistency. He completed his first nine passes — though for only 57 yards — which mirrors the success he had last season when he led the league in completion percentage (71.6 percent) but ranked 19th in yards per attempt (7.0).

“We kind of shot ourselves in the foot,” Bradford explained. “Too many mistakes, you know, a little bit frustrating to come out here tonight and play the way we did. I felt like we had a better week of practice than we showed tonight. So obviously there’s a lot to clean up before the regular season.”nike-youth-cardinals-086

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