I’m not buying Le’Veon Bell Jersey slow start as anything other than rust after he stayed away all offseason.

Kelvin Benjamin Authentic Jersey You saw Sunday what Martavis Bryant can do when a defense locks in on Antonio Brown. This is one of the six or so teams in the league that actually likes its offensive line. Get Bell going and this is a dangerous offense capable of outscoring anyone. And, like Carolina (another rusty-looking offense whose best player didn’t do much in training camp), the Steelers are 2-0 without having played their best.

Authentic Kids Ron Parker Jersey I really wish I could say I was surprised by the results, Robert Stern, a Boston University neuroscientist who has been studying the connection between repetitive head trauma and later-in-life neurocognitive issues for the past 10 years, told ESPN in an interview. Instead, it was more, ‘Oh yeah, this really is a big deal.’ And it’s just one more piece of the puzzle that, at least when it comes to youth football, has now gotten me over the edge to say, ‘You know, we shouldn’t be having our kids hitting their heads over and over and over while their brains are developing this way.’

The study, published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed journal Translational Psychiatry, suggests that children exposed to tackle football before the age of 12 are two times more likely to develop behavioral and emotional impairments later in life than those who start playing after that age. It also indicates that kids who start playing tackle before 12 are three times more likely to develop symptoms of depression later in life than kids who begin playing at 12 or older.

Stern acknowledged that the research released Tuesday has limitations and that the science has a long way to go. He noted that the subjects in the study were not random but instead had volunteered to participate. As well, the research was conducted through phone and online surveys, making it less robust than had the examinations been performed in person.

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